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Selling Your Home!

Let us assist you in selling your home!

Homes are the largest financial factor for some homeowners. Time, energy, and consideration contributes to selling a home. It is a big yet important decision, and of course, involves mindful preparation. It is incredibly important to have a familiar and experienced real estate professional with you through the process. They know how to handle the details and factors involved in the best home sale.

Prices of homes in your area and neighborhood are important to look at when undergoing the selling process . Homes should be sold in a conscious and timely matter at the ideal market value. We are knowledgeable when it comes to selling homes, and you can most definitely trust us through the process!  An accurate and descriptive market analysis is what we'll show you when fully reviewing the market conditions as of now.
While the result should always be what’s best for you, that outcome can be achieved in a number of different ways. The first step to selling your home is to contact a Harcourts JADE real estate agent and set up a listing appointment.

During your listing appointment your Harcourts JADE real estate agent will:
        ·         Tour your property and take detailed notes

·         Interview you to discuss your needs and determine how they can help

·         Answer questions you may have about Harcourts JADE Properties, the Harcourts JADE real estate agent personally, the services your Harcourts NV1 real estate agent will provide, and any other real estate matters

·         Provide you with accurate market research and discuss suitable marketing strategies of how your property could be marketed for sale

It is important that all decision-makers involved in the sale of your property are available when you meet with your Harcourts JADE real estate agent.

Harcourts Listing Strategies
Our Harcourts agent has only one aim when you sell your property…to do everything possible to sell it for the best possible price within the shortest possible time. This process starts by selecting the marketing option that best suits your home.

Harcourts Listing Approaches

Exlcusive Listing- By exclusively signing with Harcourts your home is immediately entered into the local MLS and our extensive international database, gaining exposure to over 5,250 agents in over 780 offices internationally. It is also featured on our website and many other syndicated sites. An exclusive listing contract avoids the frustrations and lack of action so often experienced when dealing with a number of different real estate companies.

Auction- The advantages of the auction are numerous. You set the terms, conditions, and deadline. You agree on an undisclosed minimum reserve price of which you will not be required to negotiate downwards. There’s also the very real possibility of acquiring a higher price – especially if keen buyer interest promotes competition. You will also attract only genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers with no subject to sale or subject to finance uncertainty. Auction marketing motivates genuine buyers to act. It’s also the least disruptive and intrusive method because you only need open your home at times which suit you best.

The Price of Success- The most difficult task for sellers is determining the value of their home. Many different elements can combine to create unrealistic expectations whether it be uninformed and optimistic opinion, the cost of improvements a seller hopes to recover, or the final amount needed to realize future plans. The best method is to study the current real estate market facts and figures. Your Harcourts JADE real estate agent will show you comparisons of other similar homes in your area, those which have sold, those which have yet to sell, and those which will represent your competition.

A Realistic Return- It’s a fact that over-priced properties take longer to sell and do not attract the optimum number of potential buyers, particularly during the prime selling period. The longer properties sit on the market the lower price they achieve. After three months or more this can often be between 20 to 25% less. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you your Harcourts JADE real estate agent has all the relevant information necessary to help you price your property correctly for the best return.

Marketing Your Property- Harcourts JADE Properties has an aggressive strategy for attracting home buyers to our listings. By distributing your listing information, along with photographs, to a wide array of premier consumer Web sites, we make sure that we maximize every opportunity to attract qualified buyers to the table. Did you know…89% of home buyers use the internet to search for a new home? 41% of buyers found the home they actually purchase online. (NAR 2010 profile of home buyers & sellers) Real estate agents and the internet continue to be the most important resources in the home search process.

We will keep you up-to-date on everything. We ensure to help you successfully sell your home!

Meet Harcourts Queensland Chief Auctioneer Ben Brady !!

Brady & Co Auctions’ is an Auction division entirely unique to Harcourts USA, delivering a level of service, support and training that is unable to be offered by any other real estate franchise in the United States.

More recently, the USA has seen activity with many newly formed auction companies; however, we believe these companies continue to miss the fundamental concepts which make auctions successful within our business.

Our primary goal at Brady & Co Auctions is to deliver both sellers and buyers a unique and informed process focused entirely on a transparent transaction, conducted by sales agents who have in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the auction process.

“Harcourts Brady & Co Auctions are the change-of-pace that the real estate industry has been asking for.

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