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Are you looking for the home of your dreams? Or possibly interested in investing?

Harcourts has been helping people to buy property for over a century. We are committed to helping you turn your dreams of buying a home into reality.

When you come to Harcourts JADE Properties in search of buying your perfect home, your personal real estate agent looks to establish your goals and set about achieving them for you. It is their job to listen to what you want and to work for you with care and consideration at all times by guiding you through the buying process. Starting with the first step: Getting Pre-Qualified.

It’s a good idea to find out first just how much you can borrow. You need to know how much home you can afford, how much money you will need for the down payment/closing costs, and what your monthly payments will be. Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage loan is simple. You will need to supply a lender with specific information regarding your income, assets, and debts. From this information, your lender can get an idea of the mortgage amount and type of loan for which you qualify. You might find that you can buy more of a home than you really want to pay in a mortgage payment. The opposite might be true in that you find that you do not qualify for as high of a mortgage payment as you think you can manage. Once you know what you can afford you will know the sales price range of the home you can buy.

Getting Pre – Qualified
Harcourts has been helping people to buy property for over a century. We are committed to helping you turn your dreams of buying a home into reality.

Whatever your wants are, we are here to help.
Let’s walk through the home buying procedure together!

Searching for a Home

Since the first rule of Real Estate is LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION when buying a home we recommended choosing the best community that fits your budget. Once you have found your desired neighborhoods your Harcourts JADE Properties real estate agent will use our advanced real estate search engines to customize your home search.

Facts that help your Harcourts JADE real estate agent in finding the right property include:

  • Price Range
  • Square Feet
  • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Style and Age of Home
  • Proximity to shopping, entertainment, and freeway access
  • Lot Size and Floor Plan
  • Garage Spaces
  • HOA Restrictions

Finding the right property often takes time. We recommend you do not rush or disregard properties too quickly. Try not to judge a property from the outside only. Some properties have little or no street appeal, but have much to offer inside.
When you find a property that interests you, let your Harcourts JADE real estate agent know right away. Even if you are not yet ready to make an offer your real estate agent will need to register your interest, especially in cases where the seller already has interested buyers.

Making An Offer
When you find a property and are ready to write up a contract, the next step is to decide on the price you wish to offer the seller and under what conditions you wish to make the offer. Common conditions of sale are: inspection period contingencies, seller concessions, request for repairs, close of escrow date, and financing contingencies.

Your Harcourts JADE real estate agent will provide you with the details of all relevant sales in the area and you will be advised of any price guidelines that are available for the property.
The offer will be prepared on a standard approved contract and your Harcourts JADE real estate agent will ask you to sign the contract prior to it being sent to the seller's agent. Upon receipt of your offer, the seller can accept your offer, reject it, or counter it. Countering usually occurs when the seller is not satisfied with the price you offered and/or conditions of the offer and issues a counter offer. The counter offer will be brought back to you for your consideration. If you accept, you sign the seller's counter and the property is now under contract. Alternatively, you also have the ability to counter the seller's counter. Your Harcourts JADE real estate agent will continue negotiations until both parties have come to an agreement.

Locating Listings
Once you've determined all the specifics of your "dream" home, now what? You must find the listings by contacting your Realtor, as they have access to all the listings in your area through the Multiple Listings Service (MLS).

We'll help you find available homes that meet your list of criteria!

Property Search

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