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Clients Testimonials

Today is my birthday.  I saved the candy you gave me for today and wanted to thank you again; however, I think the best gift of all was meeting you.
I so appreciate all of the time and effort you have given.  I hope you enjoy finding a home for your friends from Australia.  Anyone would be fortunate to be called your friend.  Have a great day!
- Gxx Axxxx 

Our family just relocated from the east coast... driving over 3000 miles across the country...we sent all of our belongings out to CA in a POD and were driving up and down the coast looking for the perfect place to begin our new life.   We met Virginia Dent, and her staff, when we literally just walked into the Harcourts JADE office.  We were exhausted and stressed, but greeted with smiles.  Each of them were genuinely kind and compassionate, as they allowed us to share our story.  We ended up being there for nearly 3 hours!  This was on a Monday....Tuesday and Wednesday Virginia arranged homes to show us and by Friday we were finalizing  paperwork.  Virginia is extraordinary!  She took the three of us under her wing and worked so hard to help us find a beautiful home that is everything we hoped for, since the very thought of moving to the west coast!   Not only is Virginia incredibly skilled at her job, with nearly 30 years in the industry... she is also an extraordinary human being!   We would refer Virginia Dent to anyone!  Virginia went so far above and beyond to help us, it is something that we will never forget. 
- Nxxxxx Pxxxxxx

Thank you!